MAISON NOIRE AMÉRICAINE (MNA) is a soul-stirring arts and cultural nonprofit organization designed to educate and inspire people of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds about the African American presence, experience, and influence in France.

MNA serves as an au current information portal and all-encompassing resource center that engages individuals interested in and/or traveling to France—be it for academic research, business, or leisure—who wish to explore the rich history of African Americans in France, and connect authentically with today’s African Diaspora communities in Paris and beyond.


MNA is committed to fostering friendship and a deeper sense of community between diverse French, African American & Afro-Francophone cultures by reclaiming, embracing, and sharing commonalities of the African Diaspora while promoting cross-cultural understanding through premiere personalized services, and compelling cultural arts & education programs in San Francisco and Paris.

Efforts will be placed on:

  • further developing, nurturing, and highlighting the significant historical ties between French and African American cultures through collaborative projects with French and African American organizations.
  • encouraging cross-cultural education by serving as a supportive resource center and connecting point for established study abroad programs, language instruction, and internships as well as general education abroad and intercultural exchange.
  • providing, supporting, and facilitating an enriching array of opportunities for the general public to connect with the French/African American/Afro-Francophone communities in France through social events & mixers, guided tours, talks and lectures, film screenings, live music showcases, and more.
  • actively partnering with artists, academic scholars, and outstanding organizations that support the mission of MNA by sharing knowledge and, where appropriate, coordinating initiatives that spark cultural re-connection and promote unity across the Diaspora.