I Went To Food Heaven Last Night!


OK Food Lovers:

Here is a recap of that fabulous dinner I went to for Bastille Day, presented at the Fenix in San Rafael in partnership with Maison de la Culture Noire Américaine. The dishes were paired with wines from Roots of Peace. Chef Jennifer Hill Booker and Chef Gator Thompson prepared an outrageously delicious feast last night .

All nine courses–yes 9 courses!!–and the accompanying wines were so perfectly matched and so yummy that it was hard for me to pick a favorite; but if I were forced to say which of these dishes I would choose for a last meal, it would most likely be the first three courses. Each one was unique and had flavors that stimulated different taste buds so that every bite was a surprise–and delightfully so!! Who knew raw collard greens could taste so good??!! There are photos of each dish below. The first dish was by Chef Booker, the second by Chef Gator and then they alternated courses throughout the night. Sixty to seventy people attended and we dined for about three and a half hours. It was three hours very well spent. :o)

First, the two stars of the evening: Chef Booker and Chef Gator and then all nine course in the order they were served below.


Scotch Eggs with tarragon-mustard sauce:


Turtle Soup with caramelized onions:


Collard Green Salad with champagne-pecan oil vinaigrette:


Toasted New Potato with smoked trout, cajun aioli, white truffle oil and tobiko caviar:


Hickory-Smoked Chicken Croquette with black-eyed peas and dried cranberry orange relish:


Crawfish-Stuffed Flounder with cornbread stuffing in a spicy court bouillon with summer corn compote:


Oxtail and Wild Mushroom Ragout with cherry and grape tomatoes:


Grilled Alligator Piquante with point reyes bleu cheese crumbles:


Lemon Chevre Cheesecake with blackberry sorbet and basil:


Are you hungry now? I know I am and could eat this whole dinner all over again. It was truly awesome!! Hope you enjoyed this “report.”

Barbara Rogers

PS: Recipes for some of these dishes are in Chef Booker’s new cookbook, “Field Peas to Foie Gras“–just in case you’d like to make some of this tasty food at home.

Last, but not least: The Ladies of MCNA!



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