Maison Gets A Makeover: The Re-branding MCNA


Yup.  We did it again.  New name, new look, new web address.  Before I share with you the reason for our re-brand, I must first thank everyone who has stayed on this Black Paris journey with us.

From the days when Café de la Soul * Your Black Paris Portal first began taking you “Beyond the Eiffel Tower” in 1998, to Black Paris Divas Tours to our current baby, Maison de la Culture Noire Américaine…y’all been smooth rollin’ with us for a solid 19 years!  UN GRAND MERCI BEAUCOUP to each and every one of you.

After much consideration, we hereby declare:
Maison de la Culture Noire Américaine is now
Maison Noire Américaine!

Why the name change you ask?  Our wonderful supporters lovingly shared with us that our name was TOO DANG LONG (they said it nicer than that, bien sur) and difficult for non-French speakers to pronounce.   We also noticed that many of our community partners, members, friends and family had already taken to shortening our name; starting with an enthusiastic “May-zon duh lah” that would generally be followed by incomprehensible mumbles…with a French accent.  Those who fell into this group: we love you for trying.

Of course, with a new name comes a new website and new url.  Along with a modern, clean look, we’ve brought back a couple of features from former versions of the site, such as our Black Paris Mini Guide and event calendar.  In addition, we’ve updated our url to, to match the new name.

Changes and updates aside, our desire remains the same:  to continue to share a unique perspective on Paris with our followers.   We look forward to bringing you even more incredible articles and amazing events on the next leg of our adventure together!

Again, thank you for all of your support.  It’s what keeps us going!


Robin and Constance

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