The Nina Chanel Abney “Hot to Trot. Not” Exhibit @ Palais de Tokyo


New York based Nina Chanel Abney is a contemporary artist and painter who explores race, gender, pop culture, and politics in her work.  Using symbols and bright colors, Abney’s work presents new ways of approaching loaded topics.  Blending the playful and the serious, Abney describes her art as “easy to swallow, hard to digest.”

For her first commission by a French institution, Abney will take over a series of walls integral to the architecture of Palais de Tokyo and transform them into in situ frescoes.  In the exhibit entitled “Hot To Trot.  Not.”, Abney explores the concept of nudity and who is/isn’t considered desirable based on gender and race.

Saartjie Baartman mural by Nina Chanel Abney, Palais de Tokyo 2018

Saartjie Baartman a.k.a The Hottentot Venus Mural | Palais de Tokyo 2018


Abney’s murals will be on display @ Musée Palais de Tokyo through September 9, 2018.


13, avenue du Président Wilson, 75 116 Paris
Tel: +33 1 81 97 35 88
Metro: Alma-Marceau

*Palais de Tokyo is open everyday except Tuesdays, from noon until 11:30 p.m.

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