Shola Adisa-Farrar @ La Petite Halle May 30, 2017


(Translated from La Petite Halle):

“Known for her “voice of honey”, Shola Adisa-Farrar is a new artist who carries the charisma, grace and versatility needed to cross borders and cultures. Shola delivers convincing messages embedded in diverse life experiences, while seducing us with her refreshing ability to be both powerful and open, with the share of vulnerability that this entails.

Playing her Jamaican origins combined with soul and jazz influences acquired in her childhood, this native of California presents her first album, “Lost Myself” (Hot Casa, April 2016), accompanied by the French jazz pianist Florian Pellisser. Currently on French national radio stations, “Lost Myself” represents a musical journey combining the hard-bop aesthetic of New York with elements inspired by reggae and modern jazz, giving a new coloring to standards accompanied by original compositions. Since the release of the album, Shola has been sold out at one of the most famous jazz venues in Paris, the Duke of Lombards, and has received positive reviews in Les Inrocks, Jazz News and Jazz Magazine. Many DJs have voted for their single “Evolution”, which has been performed internationally, including Lefto (Studio Brussel, Brussels) and Gilles Peterson (BBC Music Radio, London).

Born in Oakland, California and a family of artists and intellectuals, Shola Adisa-Farrar began singing at the age of eight, immediately attracting attention with her voice so expressive and warm. Daughter of a teacher and a writer, it was from her childhood cradled by literature and intellectual curiosity that Shola nourished her inspiration marked by poetry social consciousness. As a teenager, Shola moved to New York where she studied music and earned a bachelor’s degree in music. So in the heart of the city of artistic creation, she had access to the networks of the record industry and worked for some of the biggest music production companies. In 2011, Shola left New York for Paris where she began a career as a singer. Over the past two years, Shola has performed in Jamaica, the United States, Botswana, Mauritius, Burkina Faso, and in July she sang in Cape Verde before an audience of 8,000 people. Soon, in her role as Ambassador of Music with the American Embassy, ​​this summer she will sing and give Master Classes in Congo.

From the first week of the release of the album, Lost Myself became the number 1 jazz album sales on iTunes France. Shola Adisa Farrar is ready to welcome others, with her wonderful smile, crystal clear voice and joie de vivre.”

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