[HAIR] There's a new CURL in town…Le CurlShop that is!


Hey natural hair Maisonistos and Maisonistas! There’s a new place in Paris that will supply all of your natural hair care needs…it’s Le CurlShop, and it’s located in the 13th arrondissement, just minutes from the metro station Maison Blanche.

Le CurlShop opened it’s doors on April 10, 2014, and if I tell you they have every product under the sun, they seriously have every product under the sun!! Fair warning to hair product junkies! Although seriously, with the euro to dollar conversion, the prices might cure you of product purchase overload (author side note: I’m STILL MAD that the dollar continues to decline…I remember the Paris during the GOOD years, i.e., when the dollar had a strong lead on the FRANC, ok? *TEAR* I miss those days *lip tremble* *stares into distance*).

But I digress…Le CurlShop has products for DAYS…if you can’t find it here, then it doesn’t exist. Like, for real. Take a peek on the shelves (or online) and you’ll find well-known favorites such as Miss Jessie’s and Mixed Chicks, to newer lines that have garnered a strong following, such as Darcy’s Botanicals and Eden Body Works.  Most of the products on the shelves are from the States, however, there are a few lines produced in France such as Codina and Les Secrets de Loly that are definitely worth trying.

In addition to products, the shop also carries books in English and French on natural hair care. I was happy to see one of my favorites on offer: “Better than Good Hair” by American natural hair celebrity, Nikki Walton a.k.a., Curly Nikki.  “Better than Good Hair” had me ready to fro it out with my fist in the air, as it was filled with line after positive line on embracing your natural hair  as well as useful tips on caring for natural hair and the best products and styling options for various hair textures.  You should check out her website too.  For les francophones, you’ll also find the top French language livre de référence “Le Cheveu Noir Dans Tout Ses Etats” (“Black Hair in All Its States”), by Corinne Vincent.

I, for one, welcome this new addition to the black hair product shops in Paris, as this last trip back home (from the States to Paris) I forgot my main product and had to make do with non-natural hair product substitutes. Natural girls know that this isn’t always a successful experiment…all things considered, it all worked out for the good. My hair didn’t fall out nor did I have to do a mini “big chop” when I returned State-side.  Apparently, I missed the opening of the shop by a mere couple of days.

However, now that WE know, Le CurlShop is ’bout to be the SPIZZOT!

Check them out:

Le CurlShop
9 rue Bourgon
75013 Paris
Métro: Maison Blanche

Hours of operation:

Monday: 11 am to 6 pm
Tuesday 11 am to 4 pm
Thursday 11 am to 7:30 pm
Friday 11am to 4 pm

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